Icelandic Fish and Iceland Days in Bremerhaven

Icelandic Fish and Iceland Days in Bremerhaven

10 September 2018

Iceland Days (Islandtage) were celebrated in Bremerhaven, Germany from August 29th-September 2nd.
The celebration was in order since Iceland has been a sovereign state for 100 years this year. The celebration was organised by the town of Bremerhaven and German and Icelandic companies operating in the area. Promote Iceland and Iceland Responsible Fisheries organised events introducing Icelandic fish and sustainability as well as Iceland as a tourist destination and the Icelandic horse.

Various activities were available for the public such as sailing viking ships, a fish auction with fresh Icelandic fish, and horse shows featuring the Icelandic horse. Iceland’s ambassador in Germany, Martin Eyjólfsson, participated in the celebrations.

Seminar on Icelandic Fish and Food Tasting

A special seminar about sustainable fishing and certification was attended by about 30 stakeholders in the German fisheries sector. Redfish, saithe and cod are the most important Icelandic fish for the German market, these fisheries have all been certified with the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Certification. After the seminar, participants were invited to taste a delicious cod recipe prepared by Fannar Vernharðsson, a chef on the Icelandic Culinary Team. Fannar also had a short show cooking with approximately 80 people where he prepared dishes with redfish and saithe.

Media Contest & Trip to Iceland for winners

Promote Iceland invited members of the media to enjoy Fannar’s cooking in the "Eldhús", a small house that Promote Iceland uses to promote Icelandic cuisine abroad. Many people visited the "Eldhús" and participated in a Facebook game where the first prize was a trip to Iceland, Wiebke Schüler from Nordholz won the prize.