TAC quotas for 2018/2019 follow scientific advice

TAC quotas for 2018/2019 follow scientific advice

25 June 2018

For the upcoming fishing year, starting on the 1 September 2018, the cod quota has been increased to 262,000 tons from the 257,572 tons for last year. Estimated spawning stock biomass (SSB) of cod has increased in recent years and has not been larger in 50 years. See further the advice on cod fisheries from MFRI's web and assessment report for cod.

The catch quotas for Haddock and Saithe have been increased substantially. The quota for Haddock has shifted from 34,600 tons to 56,700 tons while Saithe is now 79,092, compared to the 60, 237 tons assigned for the previous fishing year. See further the advice from MFRI on Haddock and Saithe

The TAC for most pelagic species will be announced later in the year. 

The quota system plays a decisive role in the preservation of the marine ecosystem and the fish stocks. The fisheries management of Iceland is based on the sustainable use of our oceans and the natural living resources and the precautionary approach, both basic foundations of the Marine & Freshwater Research institute.