IRF foundation

Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation owns and operates the brand of Iceland Responsible Fisheries. The Foundation was established in February 2011 and took over the operation and management of the IRF certification programme from the Fisheries Association of Iceland. The foundation operates on a cost basis, as a non-profit organisation. 

The Foundation's role is to make and maintain contracts for the certification programme, promote and communicate with stakeholders, etc. A technical committee of the foundation is responsible for all the technical work, specifications and certification, as well as communication with certification bodies and public bodies accordingly. Finnur Garðarsson is the Chairman of the Technical committee.

The founders are the following associations:

  • Fisheries Iceland, SFS (before LIU and SF)
  • National Association of Small Boat Owners, LS

Members of the board of the IRF Foundation are:

  • Friðrik Friðriksson, Brim hf
  • Hlynur Veigarsson, Samherji
  • Örn Pálsson, The National Association of Small Boat Owners, LS
  • Árni Bjarnason, Ships, Officers Association, FS

Vice board of directors:

  • Viðar Engilbertsson, SFS
  • Pétur Pálsson, Vísir hf
  • Arthur Bogason, The National Association of Small Boat Owners, LS

Finnur Gardarsson is managing director of the IRF programme.                                                           

Sigrid Merino Sardà  is project manager of the IRF programme.

An agreement has been made with Business Iceland about marketing and promotion of the IRF programme. Marketing Manager for the programme is Björgvin Þór Björgvinsson,