Rules on the use of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo of origin – without certification

Article 1    Objectives

The logo is the property of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation.

The logo is intended to identify goods and services of parties as defined in Article 5. The purpose of the logo is to guarantee information to buyers and consumers of Icelandic seafood products that they originate from Icelandic responsible fisheries.

Article 2    Straddling Stocks

The logo can be used to identify the catch of Icelandic vessels from straddling stocks which are in part in Icelandic territorial waters and that are under integrated management. 

Article 3    The Icelandic Economic Zone

The logo may be used on Icelandic seafood products that are processed from catches, within the Icelandic Economic Zone, of stocks that are not classified as straddling stocks, whether they are within the catch quota system or outside it.

Article 4    Products Processed Outside Iceland

With regards to seafood products according to articles 2 and 3 that are not processed in Iceland, the same rules apply to the use of the logo as apply to those processed by Icelandic producers. In these cases the buyers of sea food produce are responsible for ensuring that the rules are followed, by using a reliable traceability system.

Article 5    Logo Users

The Board of the IRF Foundation authorises other parties to use the logo to identify their products or services if they fulfill the conditions set in these rules.

Fisheries operators or processors that have a valid fishing licence or processing licence as appropriate, issued by the Icelandic authorities are authorised to use the logo.

Buyers and processors based outside Iceland that have the necessary licences from the appropriate authorities to further process or repackage Icelandic seafood produce into consumer or wholesale packages, are authorised to use the logo on those products, where they have been able to demonstrate a reliable traceability system.

The Board of the IRF Foundation decides the fish species and seafood products on which the logo may be used, see articles 2 and 3.

Article 6    Application and Registration

An application must be made to the IRF Foundation for authority to use the logo. If the applicant fulfils the requirements of Article 5 of these rules, then the IRF Foundation shall grant him authority to use the logo. The application shall specify clearly the parties that will use the logo, both for the applicant's own operations and for foreign parties as appropriate. The applicant shall be informed in writing or by email of the granting of the authority and of the parties that are authorised to use the logo. Applications shall be processed as quickly as possible. Where predictable that an application will take longer than seven working days to process, the applicant shall be informed of when it will be processed. Applicants pay a registration fee of ISK 90,000 which is to cover the cost of granting the authority.

The IRF Foundation shall keep a register of logo users. A list of logo users shall be available to whoever should request to see it.

Article 7    Commencing Use of the Logo

Before the logo is used the final appearance of the medium in question shall be sent to the IRF Foundation for approval. The use of the logo may not commence before approval has been obtained.

Article 8    Instructions on the Use of the Logo

The logo shall be used in accordance with instructions on the use of the logo that are endorsed by the Board of the IRF Foundation. The instructions include specifications of the following: how the logo should be used in conjunction with other logos; how the proportions shall be with varying usage of the logo; how the logo shall be used in conjunction with text; where the logo should be positioned on packaging or in adverts etc.

Packaging where the logo is used may not carry other markings that could give misleading information about the origin of the product. The same applies to other presentation of the logo in other media.

Should uncertainty arise about proper use then the IRF Foundation will decide on the proper use of the logo.

Article 9    Market Territories and Traceability

The logo may be used in all sea produce markets.

The users of the logo must be able to demonstrate recognised traceability that ensures that produce marked Iceland Responsible Fisheries actually has its origin in the appropriate catch, see 2 and 3 above.

Article 10    Cancellation of Authority

Should a party lose his fishing or processing licence issued by the Icelandic authorities for a period exceeding 12 weeks, then his authority to use the logo becomes invalid. 

Should the Board of the IRF Foundation take a decision to authorise a party to use the logo, other than prescribed in Article 5, and should he no longer fulfil the requirements of these rules, then the Board is authorised to cancel his rights to use the logo. The party in question shall be notified of such a decision.

Article 11    Cessation of Use of the Logo

Should a party that has used the logo decide to discontinue use of the logo, he shall inform the IRF Foundation of such a decision. Following such a notification the IRF Foundation shall remove the party in question from the register of users of the logo.

Article 12    Responsibility and Supervision of Use

Registered users are themselves responsible for proper use of the logo. The IRF Foundation can always request examples and information on use of the logo at no cost and the users are required to supply the information.

Should there be reasonable cause to suspect misuse then users, or the staff in question, are required to notify the IRF Foundation of such use.

Should a party be found to have used the logo illegally and should he not remedy the matter within the period of notice designated by the IRF Foundation, then he forfeits all his rights for future use of the logo in connection with his produce or other operations.

Article 13    Court Jurisdiction and Litigation

The Board of the IRF Foundation is authorised to take legal action and to claim damages for breaches of use of the logo in accordance with the relevant provisions in the Act on Trade Marks no. 45/1997. Disputes and legal action on the basis of these rules shall be settled in the Reykjavík District Court.

Article 14    Amendments to these Rules

The Board of the IRF Foundation reserves the right to amend these rules without notice.

Reykjavik, March 2011

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