Unified RFM Chain of Custody Standard

Unified RFM Chain of Custody Standard

8 June 2022

This V2.0 Standard introduces minor but meaningful modifications, that will allow it´s application in both RFM certification programmes - Iceland Responsible Fisheries and RFM Certified Sustainable (Alaska)- as well as in other certification programmes, existing and/or currently under development.

  • The Unified RFM Chain of Custody Standard entails greater cost effectiveness.

  • Other certification programmes may be allowed to join this Standard, provided that it´s requirements and rules have to be followed and met, without exception, in order to maintain the integrity and common goals of the programmes it represents.

  • All new CoC clients will use V2.0
  • Current CoC clients using V1.0 will have up to one year before transitioning to V2.0 by the 1st of January 2023