Icelandic Cod at the Culinary World Cup

Icelandic Cod at the Culinary World Cup

26 November 2014

The Icelandic Culinary Team won a gold medal for the first category of the Culinary World Cup, the Hot Kitchen, last Sunday. Unsurprisingly, the Icelandic cod was among the ingredients the team used. The team´s emphasis on the high quality Icelandic ingredients and professionalism, accuracy, creativity and a competitive spirit are the keys to it´s success.

„The team did great and the gold medal confirms that it is strong and well trained and the teamwork was very good. We have put an emphasis on the use of Icelandic high quality ingredients such as our lamb meat, cod, langoustine, skyr and vegetables. The judges liked all of this.“ said Haflidi Halldorsson, the manager of the Icelandic team, after Sunday´s competition.

The competition in the second category, the Culinary Art Table, starts on Wednesday and based on the results in the two categories the winner of the Culinary World Cup will be announced. It will be interesting to follow the last day of the competition and the Icelandic chefs who have already proofen their excellence. They make magic with the Icelandic ingredients! 

For further information on the Icelandic Culinary Team please visit its website and follow it on the social medias: Facebook Kokkalandslidid, Instagram @icelandicculinaryteam and Twitter @kokkalandslidid.