Growing interest in the US market and the show in Boston

14 March 2014

More than twenty companies from Iceland are participating at the Seafood Expo and Seafood Processing North America in Boston 16-18 March. Most of them are companies providing quality seafood products from responsibly managed fisheries, but also companies making equipment and technology solutions for international market, as well as service companies. Iceland’s Minister of Industry and Commerce will be visiting the show Sunday 16th March.

Iceland has built up a modern and competitive seafood industry of a high standard, based on sustainable harvesting and market principles. Iceland has created a fisheries management system that follows strict principles of sustainable utilisation. The fishing sector’s contribution to the Icelandic economy is of vital importance, and is growing even with the service industry making innovative technology solutions and various equipment developed in good collaboration with Icelandic fishing companies and processors.

Icelandic fish and other food items will be on the menu at the “Taste of Iceland” event in Boston 14-18 March. Further information on


Iceland has taken a leading role in fisheries management, focusing on the sustainable use of the fish stocks and good treatment of the marine ecosystem. The fisheries system has been developed in accordance with international law and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.

The FAO-Based Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Programme is a third party certification model used to verify responsible fisheries management in Icelandic waters and good treatment of marine resources.

Icelandic authorities have adopted harvesting policy and formal harvest control rules for cod, haddock and saithe fisheries. Subsequent independent third party certification according to the highest international requirements confirms that these fisheries are well managed. The Golden redfish is expected to be certified in 2014. More information is available at


The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mrs. Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir, is visiting the Seafood North America show in Boston, Sunday 16th March. She will walk around the show and greet the Icelandic companies exhibiting at the show.  The Minister will be available for interviews upon further request.


Companies represented at the Seafood North America in Boston, either at Iceland’s country pavilion or with own stand are:

  1. Promote Iceland, #673 –
  2. Iceland Responsible Fisheries, #673 –
  3. Skaginn, #673 –
  4. 3X Technology, #673 -
  5. Íslandsbanki, #673 –
  6. Martak, #673 –
  7. Héðinn #673 –
  8. Fjardalax, #2159 -
  9. Eimskip, #771-
  10. Valka, #771 –
  11. Marel, #865 –
  12. Promens, #1281 –
  13. Icelandic sales agency, #1426 –
  14. Fresh or frozen fresh, stand #2559:
    1. Menja,  
    2. ISI Seafood,
    3. Novo food,
    4. Ora,
    5. VSV,
    6. HB Grandi,
    7. Icelandic / Ný fiskur,
    8. Merlo seafood,
    9. IceFresh/Samherji,
    10. Icefishfarm, 

For more information about Iceland Responsible Fisheries and Iceland’s participation in the Seafood Expo North America:

Gudny Karadottir, Director of Food - Fisheries and Agriculture at Promote Iceland,, mobile +354 6933233

Berglind Steindórsdóttir, Manager, Trade Fairs at Promote Iceland,, mobile +354 824 4377