Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI)

26 August 2016

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management (IRFM) Certification Program applied earlier this year for GSSI recognition and has been benchmarked against the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool. This included a desk top review and an office visit by GSSI‘s Independent Experts. The IRFM Certification Program was found in alignment with all of GSSI‘s Essential Components and has received a preliminary recommendation on recognition by GSSI Benchmark Committee. This is now followed by a 4-week public consultation on the interim GSSI Benchmark Report for the IRFM Certification Program. We anticipate a final decision by the GSSI Steering Board within the next few months.

GSSI is a global platform and partnership of seafood companies, NGOs, experts, governmental and intergovernmental organizations. The mission of GSSI is to ensure confidence in the supply and promotion of certified seafood as well as to promote improvement in seafood certification schemes.