Fish from Iceland at the Green Week in Berlin 15-24 January

Fish from Iceland at the Green Week in Berlin 15-24 January

11 January 2016

Iceland Responsible Fisheries (IRF) will participate in the International Green Week in Berlin January 15-24. Diversity of fresh fish from Icelandic waters, as well as fish from other oceans around the world, will be presented by the Fish Information Centre in Hamburg (FIZ) at the Seafood market in Hall 14.1 during the show. 


The Golden redfish, which is the most popular fish from Iceland in Germany, will be cooked at the stand and visitors will get the opportunity to taste the treat and learn how to cook it. They will also get to learn about sustainable fisheries in Iceland and the third party certification. 

Icelandic EEZ Golden redfish fishery gained third party certification to the Icelandic FAO Based Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Programme in 2014.


Iceland has taken a leading role in fisheries management, focusing on the sustainable use of fish stocks and good treatment of the marine ecosystem. The Icelandic fisheries system has been developed in accordance with international law and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.

Icelandic authorities have adopted harvesting policy and formal harvest control rules for Cod, Haddock, Saithe and Golden redfish fisheries. Subsequent independent third party certification according to the highest international requirements confirms that these fisheries are well managed.


The purpose of obtaining certification of Icelandic fisheries from an independent third party certification body is to demonstrate with complete transparency that fishing and fisheries management in Iceland is carried out in a responsible and recognized manner.

The FAO-Based Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Program is a third party certification model used to verify responsible fisheries management in Icelandic waters and good treatment of marine resources.

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