Chain of Custody Procedure: Haddock and Saithe Fisheries

18 December 2013
The Icelandic haddock and saithe fisheries have been certified against the strictest international standards on fisheries management.
Companies that intend to use the certification for marketing purposes need to send an application to the certification body, Global Trust Certification Ltd. (SAI Global). When a permit has been awarded it will allow the companies to use the IRF certification mark on packaging of products from the certified fisheries. Use of the mark by other means, e.g. in advertisements etc. will also be possible according to rules on its use.
  1. Companies that already have a Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate regarding the Icelandic cod fisheries, simply send an e-mail to Julie McDonald at Global Trust Certification Ltd. and ask for the haddock and/or saithe to be added to the CoC certificate; e-mail address
  2. Companies that do not have a CoC certificate but intend to use the cod, haddock or saithe certification need to apply for CoC certification and pass an audit. See further
For further information, please contact:
Finnur Garðarsson, Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation,
Bill Paterson, SAI Global,