Slow cooked cod and pan-fried langoustine

Slow cooked cod and pan-fried langoustine

22 December 2014

The Icelandic Culinary Team took 5th place in the Culinary World Cup in Luxemburg in November. Among the dishes that brought the team the great success was slow cooked cod and pan-fried langoustine, as a starter, which is an excellent choise for the holidays.

Promote Iceland and Iceland Responsible Fisheries are joint sponsors of the Icelandic Team and congratulate it on the success. The team won gold medals for both categories it competed in, Hot Kitchen and Culinary Art Table. María Shramko won three gold and one bronze medal in the individual competition for sugar art pieces in the Pastry category.

Below is the recipe for the starter with the cod and langoustine. Bon appétit!

Slow cooked Icelandic cod and pan-fried langoustine. Served with apple and sunchoke salad, cucumber, rutabaga, quinoa, shellfish sauce and dill mustard vinaigrette.

For the langoustine - ingredients

  • 1 kg Langoustine (15 tails)  
  • 60 g salt
  • 35 g sugar
  • 5 g lemon zest

Method: Deshell the langoustines. Reserve the shells. Pick out broken and other deformed tails and reserve. Mix the curing blend, salt, sugar and zest. Lay the langoustine out on a tray and sprinkle the curing blend over. Cure the tails for about 20 min, then rinse in cold water and pat dry. Keep the langoustine refrigerated until use.

For the cucumber - ingredients

  • 800 g (2 pieces) cucumbers
  • Lemon zest
  • 200 g sour cream
  • 40 g Arctic charr roe
  • 250 g (½ root) rutabaga
  • Pickle liquid (90g vinegar 4%, 30g sugar, 60g water)

Method: Make the pickling liquid by mixing 2 parts water, 3 parts 4% vinegar and 1 part water. Bring to a boil and leave to cool. Peel and slice the rutabaga thinly in a meat slicer then cut out circles, reserve the leftovers. Next, cut out circles and reserve the leftovers. Boil the circle slices in the pickle liquid until tender, about 10 min. Strain and cool down. Peel the cucumber, slice into 2 cm slices and remove the core. Season the slices with salt and lemon zest for 30 min. Rinse and cool down. Mix sour cream with arctic charr roe.

For the cod - ingredients 

  • 1 kg cod loins
  • 100g salt
  • 1 kg water
  • 100 g lemon peel
  • 4 g lemon zest
  • 200 g reserved deformed langoustine tails
  • 300 g cream
  • 100 g egg whites
  • 50 g quinoa
  • 15 g chives

Method:  Start with the brine, mix in salt, equal to 10% of the weight of the water. Bring to the boil and put in the lemon peel. Cool down. Fillet the cod, debone and skin.

Let the cod rest in the cold brine for 1 hour. Rinse, pat dry and refrigerate.

Make a mousseline of langoustine tails, egg whites and cream. Season with a salt. Prepare the cod by spreading a thin layer of the mousseline on a cling film. Poach at 57°C for 25 min. Cool down and cut into portions.

Boil the quinoa, then fry in butter until golden. Finely chop chives and zest lemon, mix in with the quinoa.

Shellfish sauce - ingredients

  • 0,8L shellfish stock
  • Reserved langoustine shells
  • 1L cream

Method: Roast langoustine shells in the oven until golden. Bring cream to a boil and reduce about ⅓. Simmer langoustine shells in the shellfish stock for about 30mins and then strain. Next, mix all liquids together, bring to the boil and season.

Sweet and sour dill vinaigrette - ingredients

  • 200 g dill
  • 200 g oil
  • 100 g apple cider vinegar
  • 30 g sugar
  • 400g (ca. 1 piece) cucumber
  • 200g (c.a. ½ piece) rutabaga
  • 40 g mustard seeds
  • 90 g white vinegar, 30g sugar, 60g water for the pickling liquid

Method: For the dill oil, blend the oil and dill together at high speed until it reaches a temperature of 58°C. Then strain through a cloth. Make gastric with mixing together apple vinegar and sugar and bring to a boil and reduce about ½.

Blanche the mustard seeds and then let them simmer in the pickling liquid for about 30 min. Peel the rutabaga, scoop out parisienne balls and lightly saute and season. Peel the cucumber scoop out parisienne balls and vacuum pack the balls.

Langoustine, cod Jerusalem arthichoke and apple salad - ingredients

  • 1 whole egg
  • 350 ml oil
  • 250 g sunchokes
  • 200 g (ca. 1) Granny Smith apple
  • 300 g poached cod
  • 300 g sautéed langoustines
  • 100 g shallot
  • 50 g dill
  • 250 g capers
  • 350 g (½ loaf) rye bread
  • 100 g quinoa

Method: Dry the capers in a oven at 80°C till completely dry. Blend to a powder. Boil the quinoa and cool. Slice the rye bread in a meat slicer, cut into circular slices and bake until crisp. Peel and cut the sunchokes and boil in milk until soft. Soft-boil whole eggs and blend with the artichokes, then incorporate the oil until it reaches a mayonnaise consistency. Finely chop the cod, langoustine, apples, shallots and dill, and mix in with the quinoa. Finish by folding everything into the artichoke mayonnaise.