German chefs learn about seafood products from Iceland

German chefs learn about seafood products from Iceland

16 October 2017

Nineteen German chefs recently visited Iceland to learn about fishing and food culture in Iceland. They were also seeking inspiration on how to cook the fish that they buy from Iceland. It was Deutsche See in Germany that organgised the trip to Iceland in cooperation with Promote Iceland and Iceland Responsible Fisheries.

The purpose of the tour was to introduce the group to seafood products, responsible fisheries, fishing techniques, and provide them with inspiration for their cooking. The group travelled South Iceland, including Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman Islands), and visited fish processing plants in Vestmannaeyjar and Reykjavík. Two chefs from the national culinary team of Iceland, held a cooking seminar, informing their guests about the ingredients used. The German chefs took active part in the cooking and were curious about many things, including the origin of the ingredients and the methods used in cooking in Iceland. Among the fish prepared were cod, golden redfish and salmon. Lamb was also on the menu, as well as a dessert of Icelandic skyr (a special dairy product similar to yoghurt) with freshly-picked wild blueberries.

The visiting chefs received an apron with the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries certification mark and Icelandic food products, along with promotional material about the Icelandic fishing industry and food from Iceland.

The chefs were very pleased with their visit and an educational tour to Iceland for a different group of chefs is already in the pipelines.