Continued certification of Golden Redfish fisheries after the 3rd Surveillance audit

Continued certification of Golden Redfish fisheries after the 3rd Surveillance audit

31 October 2017

Global Trust Certification Ltd. has granted continued certification for the Icelandic Golden Redfish (Sebastes norvegicus) Commercial Fisheries, and issued the 3rd Surveillance Report for the fisheries on 27 October. 

The assessment team recommended that the management system of the applicant fisheries under state management by the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation, fished directly by demersal trawl (main gear), lont-line, gill net, Danish seine net, and hook and line by small vessel gear and indirectly with Nephrops, shrimp and pelagic trawls and purse seines within Iceland's 200 nautical miles EEZ, is granted continued certification, and confirmed continued certification.

The report monitors for any changes in the management regime, regulations and their implementation, stock assessment and status, and wider ecosystem considerations since the last surveillance assessment in 2016.

The assessment was conducted according to the Global Trust procedures for FAO-Based IRFM certification using Revision 2.0 of the IRFM Standard (July 2016). The IRFM Standard is based on the 1995 FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and on the FAO Guidelines for the Eco-labelling of Fish and Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries adopted in 2005 and amended/extended in 2009, which in turn are based on the current suite of agreed international instruments addressing fisheries.

The Assessment is based on the 3 major Sections of responsible fisheries management, as outlined in Revision 2.0 of the IRFM Standard, namely: 

  • Section 1: Fisheries Management
  • Section 2: Compliance and Monitoring 
  • Section 3: Ecosystem Considerations

About the IRF Certification Programme

The purpose of the IRF Programme is to provide the fishing industry with a “Certification of Responsible Fisheries Management” at the highest level of market acceptance. Certification to the IRF Programme demonstrates a commitment that will communicate to customers and consumers the responsibility of fishermen and fisheries management authorities and the provenance of Icelandic fish.

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation, established in February 2011, owns and operates the brand of Iceland Responsible Fisheries.