Revision of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Chain of Custody Standard 

Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation (IRFF), on behalf of its members and the fishing community of Iceland, is pleased to announce that the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Chain of Custody Standard, is up to its formal 5 year review by the IRFF Technical Committee.

The final draft Standard will, in due course, be made available for a 30 day public comment period prior to the its adoption. 

Special link is announced for the public comment period for the submission and instructions on submitting comments.

The Committee will consider all comments based on their content and objectiveness, with respect to providing an improvement in the effectiveness of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Chain of Custody (IRFM CoC) Certification, consistent with the overall objectives of IRFF.  The decision to adopt, amend or review the standard and the timeframe that such consideration will be made will remain under the direction of the Technical Committee. 

The main objective of the IRFM CoC Certification is to transparently demonstrate that seafood product put on the market and bearing IRF certification mark is really a product of IRF certified fisheries. The scope of the standard is the supply chain of seafood originating from IRF certified fisheries.

Please find ToR for the Technical Committee here.

Please find IRFF Procedure for Standard Setting/Revising here.

Please find theTimeline for the review here.