Certified Fisheries

Overview, October 2015

Four fisheries have been certified to the Iceland RFM certification programme

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Cod Fisheries

The certification of Iceland's cod fisheries in December 2010 was an important and historic milestone for the Icelandic seafood industry. It confirmed that the cod fisheries met the highest international requirements on sustainable use of marine resources. This approach provided third-party verification of responsible management for Icelandic cod fisheries. It also provided an internal benchmark for the management authorities and fishermen of Iceland to rate performance and track improvements. The cod fisheries was re-certified in October 2014.

Haddock and Saithe Fisheries

Fisheries for haddock and saithe in Icelandic waters were certified to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries certification program in September 2013, confirming responsible fisheries management and good treatment of marine resources. The haddock and saithe fisheries was re-certified in 2015.

Golden redfish 

Icelandic EEZ Golden Redfish fishery gained certification to the Icelandic FAO Based Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Programme May 2014.