Continued certification of Golden Redfish fisheries after the 3rd Surveillance audit

The assessment team recommended that the management system of the applicant fisheries under state management by the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation, fished directly by demersal trawl (main gear), lont-line, gill net, Danish seine net, and hook and line by small vessel gear and indirectly with Nephrops, shrimp and pelagic trawls and purse seines within Iceland's 200 nautical miles EEZ, is granted continued certification, and confirmed continued certification.


German chefs learn about seafood products from Iceland

Nineteen chefs recently visited Iceland to learn about fishing and food culture in Iceland, and to get inspiration about cooking seafood from Iceland. The group travelled South Iceland, including Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman Islands), and visited fish processing plants. Two chefs from the national culinary team of Iceland, held a cooking seminar,


Cod from Iceland in focus at Barcelona culture festival

Reykjavík and Iceland were in the limelight at the La Mercé festival, September 22-25, during which two million people attended 600 events around the city. Bacalao de Islandia and DAMM brewery collaborated on a Islandia al Plat. Fourteen restaurants served dishes made from "Bacalao de Islandia" complemented with DAMM’s Inedit beer for 5 Euros only.


Public Comment Period closes

The comment period for submission of comments on the final draft of Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Chain of Custody Standard, revision 3.0, was from 8 May to 6 July.


Harvest control rule adopted for Summer spawning herring, Tusk, and, Ling

This is important as the adoption of harvest control rule, or comparable methodology, is a prerequisite for IRF certification. Fishing for these three species is in a pre-certification process, cf. IRF Fisheries Management Standards. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that full certification will be granted for these species in the near future.

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