Public Comment Period closes

The comment period for submission of comments on the final draft of Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Chain of Custody Standard, revision 3.0, was from 8 May to 6 July.


Harvest control rule adopted for Summer spawning herring, Tusk, and, Ling

This is important as the adoption of harvest control rule, or comparable methodology, is a prerequisite for IRF certification. Fishing for these three species is in a pre-certification process, cf. IRF Fisheries Management Standards. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that full certification will be granted for these species in the near future.


Catch quotas for 2017/2018 in accordance with scientific advice

The Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture has decided on total catches in Icelandic waters for the next fishing year, 2017/2018, which will begin 1 September. The cod quota is increased to 257,572 tonnes from 244,000 tonnes. There is also an increase in quota for haddoc, from 34,600 to 41,390 tonnes, and saithe from 55,000 to 60,237 tonnes. It should be noted that the catch quota for important pesticides will be decided in the autumn. The decision is in accordance with the scientific advice of the Marine Research Institute. The decision on catch quotas is taken after consultation with stakeholders in the fisheries sector, the government, and members of parliament.


Revision of IRFM Chain of Custody Standard - 60 days comment period

Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation (IRFF), on behalf of its members and the fishing community of Iceland, is pleased to announce that the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Chain of Custody Standard, revision 3.0, is now available for a 60 day public and stakeholder comment period, 8 May - 6 July 2017.


Good show in Brussels this year

Iceland Responsible Fisheries (IRF) took part at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussel 25-27 April. Many people showed up at the IRF booth for information and discussions about promotion of seafood, and certification. This year more than 30 companies from Iceland participated at the expos.

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