Continued Certification of Haddock and Saithe Fisheries

Global Trust Certification Ltd. has granted continued certification for the Icelandic Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) and Saithe (Pollachius virens) Commercial Fisheries, and issued the 3rd Surveillance Reports for the fisheries in April 2018.

The assessment reports comprises the 3rd Surveillance Report for Icelandic Haddock and Saithe. Therefore, these reports monitors for any changes in the management regime, regulations and their implementation, stock assessment and status, and wider ecosystem considerations since the 2nd surveillance assessment in 2017. Ultimately the assessments evaluate whether current practices in the management of the two fisheries remain consistent with criteria contained in Revision 2.0 of the IRF Standard. 

The assessments were conducted according to the Global Trust procedures for FAO-Based IRFM certification using Version 2.0 of the IRFM Standard (July 2016).

Link to more information on certification of Haddock fisheries. // Download the 3rd surveillance report for Haddock.

Link to more information on certification of Saithe fisheries. // Download the 3rd surveillance report for Saithe.

For further information, please contact Finnur Gardarsson,, tel +354 896 2400.