Workshop in Paris 18 October

Iceland is among seven countries that will present national seafood marketing programmes in a workshop in Paris 18 October. "Sustainability, national branding of seafood products: competing or complementary messages?" is the title of the workshop which is organised by Marie Christine Monfort and Pascale Baelde (Sea-matters). As stated on the workshop's website, this workshop will allow major supplier countries to the French market to present the actions they have undertaken on the subject and explain how they articulate seafood national identity and sustainability in their policies and communication.

Gudny Karadottir Marketing Director of Iceland Responsible Fisheries will present how the Icelandic fisheries and seafood industry is promoting the origin of products from Iceland and responsible fisheries management in Iceland.

The workshop is addressed to professional buyers (retail chains, processors, collective catering) and their suppliers (producers and PO, wholesalers, distributors). Registration and further information is on SeaMatters' website.

For further information about the participation of IRF, please contact Gudny Karadottir, gudny@islandsstofa.is, Tel. +354 693 3233.