Increased cod quota for 2012/2013

The total allowable catch (TAC) in Icelandic waters has been set for the fishing year 2012/2013, starting 1st September.

In general, the conditions of major commercial fish stocks in Icelandic waters are good. The status of the cod stock, which is the most important fish stock, has improved and the quota has been increased by 10% from previous year, up to 195,400 tons for 2012/2013. This is nearly 70,000 tons more than the minimum of the 2007/2008. Golden redfish stock seems in good condition which results in increased catch quotas for the coming season, 45,000 tons.

The TAC (in tons) for the main species for the fishing year 2012/2013 is:

Species name TAC, metric tons Latin name
Cod 195,400 Gadus morhua
Saithe 50,000 Pollachius virens
Haddock 36,000 Melanogrammus aeglefinus
Golden redfish 45,000 Sebastes marinus
Greenland halibut 14,700 Reinhardtius hippoglossoides
Ling 11,500 Molva molva
Plaice 6,500 Pleuronectes platessa
Icelandic herring 64,000 Clupea harengus