Continued certification of Cod fisheries

Global Trust Certification Ltd. has granted continued certification for the Icelandic Cod (Gadus morhua) Commercial Fisheries, and issued the 3rd Surveillance Report for the fisheries on 7 Desember 2017.

This Assessment report comprises the 3rd Surveillance Report for Icelandic cod. Therefore, this report monitors for any changes in the management regime, regulations and their implementation, stock assessment and status, and wider ecosystem considerations since the 2nd surveillance assessment in 2016. Ultimately this assessment evaluates whether current practices in the management of the cod fishery remain consistent with criteria contained in Revision 2.0 of the IRF Standard. The assessment was conducted according to the Global Trust procedures for FAO-Based IRFM certification using Version 2.0 of the IRFM Standard (July 2016).

The assessment team recommends that the management system of the applicant fisheries, the Icelandic cod (Gadus morhua) commercial fisheries under state management by the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation, fished directly by demersal trawl, long-line, gill net, Danish seine net, and hook and line by small vessel gear and indirectly by Nephrops trawls, shrimp trawls, pelagic trawls and purse seines, are granted continued certification.